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OFFER - Sensual trip to France

OFFER - Sensual trip to France

Dear guests and gourmets,

As currently our possibilities to travel are strongly reduced, we want to take you on a “sensual trip” which will first bring us to the Languedoc.

More precisely, the Hérault will be our first destination, where the small place called Saint-Chinian is situated. There, on a nice spot close to the city, you’ll find the vineyard of Véronique Étienne with its impressive central building to which the family has been linked for several generations. The savoir-faire has been passed already over many generations from mother to daughter.

The particularity of this terroir is all about the different soil types with schist on the one hand, and limestone on the other. Also the interesting, typical Mediterranean climate makes this region special.

We’re offering you now two introduction kits which contain the wines of Château La Dournie with which you can delightfully “absorb” the “essence” of this wine region.

Each of the wines of this winemaker has its very own character. In any case you can expect a wonderful fruit, pleasant fresh attributes from the schist soil and really great tannins!

In each of the introduction kits you’ll find the following wines:

  • Saint-Chinian rouge 2016, Carignan, Grenache - Fresh, balanced spice, small red berries, Brombeere, blackberry; with barbecue.
  • Saint-Chinian "Etienne" 2015, 60% Syrah, 25% Carignan, 15% Grenache, ageing in casks- Ripe fruits, sour cherry, roasted almonds, with rabbit - Parker 89-91.
  • Saint-Chinian "Elise" 2015, 90% Syrah, 10% Grenache, ageing in casks – Peppery tannins, red fruits, resin, balm; with game - Parker 93.
  • Saint-Chinian "La Dournie" 2014, 85% Grenache, 15% Carignan, Holzfassausbau - Elegant, plum, mentholated notes; with white meat - Parker 90-92.


Introduction kit Château La Dournie


Introduction kit 1:

3 Fl. Saint-Chinian rouge - 1 Fl. Etienne - 1 Fl. Elise - 1 Fl. La Dournie.

In total 6 bottles @ instead of 106,80 only 100,-

                                 View introduction kit 1 


Introduction kit 2: “Best of La Dournie”

1 Fl. Saint-Chinian rouge - 1 Fl. Etienne - 2 Fl. Elise - 2 Fl. La Dournie

In total 6 bottles @ instead of 139,20 only 130,-

                                 View introduction kit 2

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